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Transforming people who transform Organizations

We are a specialized firm in creating, designing and implementing business solutions through the Transformation of People, our services are focused on ensuring the effectiveness of Cultural Transfer processes and Knowledge of Organization to the "employee".

Especialized in:

▸ Safety and Personal Protection
▸ Training Services
▸ Business Consultancy


Contact Information

Adress :
Calle 25 No. 121 x 22 y 24 a
Col. Loma Bonita
97205 Mexico

Tel. +52 (99) 9981 5308


Web Site :

Services :

▸ Training and development of personal skills
* Leadership
* Teamwork
* Training of trainers
* Planning
▸ Staff training in industrial safety

* Discipline in the use of personal protective equipment
* Security and teamwork
* My goal is zero accidents
* Valuing my life and that of my colleagues
* Nothing is the same after an accident
▸ Executive Consulting
Executive Coaching is definitely the best training you can have an executive, it is a personal training with high levels of success.

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