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Specialized services for the oil industry in the Gulf of México

Supply, logistics, installation and maintenance of structural components for onshore and offshore oil facilities located in the Gulf of México.

Especialized in:

▸ Marine Services
▸ Industrial Materials and Tools
▸ Services and Subsea Equipment
▸ Instrumentation and Control Equipment
▸ Offshore Lodging and Food Services
▸ Construction and Maintenance Equipment
▸ Offshore Construction and Maintenance
▸ Equipment and Accessories for Lifting Load
▸ Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Equipment
▸ In design, manufacture, procurement, construction and servicing


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Adress :
Carretera Carmen - Puerto Real Km 8.5
Col. Hacienda del mar
Ciudad del Carmen
24158 Mexico

Tel. +52 (938) 286 1030


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Services :

▸ COLCHACRETOS concrete network systems for the protection of underwater pipelines
We offer a wide range of solutions for the protection and stabilization of pipelines, cables and other underwater assets. We have developed an unrivaled reputation, supplying all companies specializing in the subsea construction industry in oil and gas projects, offshore and marine civil engineering projects worldwide.
▸ The best cranes worldwide, high quality, warranty and functionality
Seatrax marine crane structures are specially designed for the maritime and offshore environment and are designed for the abnormal and dynamic loads imposed on offshore cranes. Our marine crane design is centered around the kingpost, which provides the highest level of safety and structural longevity. All structures are designed to exceed the required minimum fatigue life of 30 years as specified by API 2C Specification.
▸ Loadwise provides a wide range of products designed to meet the demands of the lifting industry
Loadwise specializes in the field of Load Capacity / Moment Load Indicators and Limiters (RCI / LMI / RCL).
Meeting or exceeding all known standards, including the recognized British Standard 7262: 1990 Loadwise has many thousands of successful indicator systems operating around the world. With systems on all types of cranes and operating in a wide range of environments including offshore, arctic and desert.

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