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Pioneer in the integrated management of drill cuttings.

MEXISHIP is a pioneer in integrated drilling cuttings service supported by specialized vessels. Semi-submersible rigs, barges and / or accommodation vessels, fluid processing plant and auxiliary equipment for vessels. Additional we offer offshore lodging and food services.

Especialized in:

▸ Marine Services
▸ Drilling Equipment and Services
▸ Offshore Lodging and Food Services


Contact Information

Adress :
Calle 43
Col. Centro
Ciudad del Carmen
24100 Mexico

Tel. +52 (469) 467 4783


Web Site :

Services :

▸ Offshore Integral Solutions
Zero discharge system.
Integrated management of drilling fluids.
Transportation engineering and waste management.
Processing and milling cuts.
Fluid storage.
Control and monitoring data.
Equipment for high-pressure injection.
Flexible and rigid high pressure lines.
Supply cuts boxes
Offshore lodging and food services

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