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Integral Solutions for the Marine, Oil & Gas Industry

We are a constantly expanding corporate business. Thanks to the diversity of our businesses, our customers find high-quality specialized services for the Maritime, Oil & Gas Industry. We are leaders nationwide to provide materials and services to the companies that make the Energy Industry by helping to increase their competitiveness, sustainable growth and the consolidation of customer satisfaction; we are professionals committed to quality service and compliance in a timely manner.

Especialized in:

▸ Marine Services
▸ Transport and Logistics Services
▸ Industrial Materials and Tools
▸ Tubular, Flat and Structural Steel
▸ PEMEX Contractors
▸ Offshore Lodging and Food Services
▸ Shipping Agents and Port Services
▸ Shipbuilding and Ship Repairs
▸ Construction and Maintenance Equipment
▸ Manufacturing, Rental and Maintenance of Containers
▸ Valves, Pipes, Fittings and Accessories


Contact Information

Adress :
Calle 26 # 179
P.I.P. Laguna Azul
Ciudad del Carmen
24140 Mexico

Tel. +52 (938) 382 7181


Web Site :

Services :

▸ Our subsidiary Marinsa

We offer strong, efficient and specialized vessels that will be useful in your business tasks to support the exploration, production and maintenance of oil installations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our fleet consists of:

  • Supply Boats
  • FSV vessels
  • DP1 and DP2 vessels
  • Passenger boats
  • AHTS vessels
  • Utility vessels
  • Tugs boats

Some of the companies that already advertise with us:

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