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Services related to the offshore oil fields development, using specialized vessels.

Mainly we offers construction, Maintenance and Engineering services consisting of maintenance and rehabilitation platforms and processing centers of PEMEX offshore facilities. The scope of this service allows us to run jobs from the prefab and assembly to the commissioning of service lines. The service is provided with semisubmersible dynamic positioning support, which has the quality to move nimbly from one PEMEX facility to another, these boats have derricks high load capacity, working deck for the construction of prefabricated and storage areas. In addition, they provide food and lodging services that can offer a complete service.

Especialized in:

▸ Marine Services
▸ PEMEX Contractors
▸ Offshore Lodging and Food Services
▸ Offshore Construction and Maintenance
▸ Engineering, Procurement and Construction of offshore facilities


Contact Information

Adress :
Adolfo López Mateos No. 4
Puerto Pesquero
Ciudad del Carmen
24140 Mexico

Tel. +52 (938) 381 1400


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Services :

▸ Fast Crew Boat for personnel carriers
Personnel transport services by sea from any port in the Gulf of Mexico oil bound for any facility or vessel in the Gulf of Mexico
▸ Offshore Food services and lodging
Offshore Food services and lodging  in support maintenance and construction to take place in the Gulf of Mexico
▸ Offshore Construction and Maintenance Services
Offshore Construction and maintenance services to oil facilities supported by Semisubmersibles DP Platforms and specialized support vessels.

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